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"Gregory Berg’s photographs and vision take us to unbelievable places; he’s well versed on the complicated technicalities of getting these images, be it from scaling buildings, finding the secret entrances to tunnels or other technicalities that come with finding these exquisite destinations. It’s awe-inducing, overwhelming and spectacular, but it’s the raw beauty and intense emotion that Berg transcends from these moments that makes his art so extraordinary and unique."
"Berg is inspired by the emotional pull of his own photos, creating the hashtag (#PostEmotion) as a haven for other photographers to record the memorable moments in their lives. Knowingly or not, the project is Berg’s way of paying it forward. Scrolling through the 100,000+ tags unveils a visual anthology of people in varying stages of their creative journeys. #PostEmotion is a simple, straightforward incitement for anyone with a camera to overcome their fears, find their identity, shoot the streets and honor humanity in the process"